I’m hiring!

For a bunch of things at once.

But three things in particular:


Sadly, my art director, Ivy Simones is leaving for a magazine job. She’s been fantastic and I’m sad to lose her, and I need someone who has her versatility and ability to handle several projects at once. In addition to the paper, we have several glossy spinoffs—one of which is new (NYO magazine) and I’m just now looking at overhauling it so that it’s closer in tone and purpose to the paper. So there’s a nice opportunity to invent some stuff from scratch.


Aside from the recent re-design and new site launches, we have a lot of stuff in the pipeline—new sites, mobile and tablet apps, etc.  We’re outsourcing right now and will continue to do so, but it would be good to have someone permanent in-house as the work load ramps up. The sites operate on Wordpress, so experience with WP customizations is a must. (Solid PHP, MySQL experience—not just Ability To Do A Server-Side Install Of Relatively Simple Software. Which I could do myself. And that’s not saying much about my technical skills.)  The more versatility the better, though.  We’d love to do custom apps in-house as well.


We’re just starting to build out digital sales and we’re looking for someone who can build and ramp up a creative services team. This person should have experience originating, packaging and selling integrated ad packages, custom creative and events. 

I don’t have specific X-years-of-experience requirements, but these are all relatively senior positions and pay accordingly.

Send cover letters and resumes to espiers AT observer.com with the job title in the subject line. 

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