re: Doree’s article

Two things:

1) Consumer facing social media companies are not representative of the New York tech scene generally; they’re just a very small slice of it. So for the people suggesting that if this is what New York tech looks like, we’re fucked, this is not what New York tech looks like. There are tons of companies that do b2b apps and, godforbid, develop technologies that have nothing to do with Internet, but you’re not going to read about them the way you will social media. Why? Because they’re not sexy, because the journalists putatively covering tech don’t use the technologies themselves and because they don’t think that readers in a mainstream magazine are going to be particularly interested in a startup that does, say, email deliverability improvement. (And Return Path is a great company. One of Fred Wilson’s, in fact.)

2) For the people complaining that there aren’t enough women running tech companies: the problem isn’t funding, it’s a lack of female entrepreneurs. (And it’s  a little ironic that some of the people complaining aren’t willing to start—or at least haven’t started—companies themselves.)  Every female entrepreneur I know shopping for funding right now is getting meetings and commitments.  But there aren’t too many of them.

I think one reason for this is that women are socialized to be more cautious about risk taking. And setting up the average startup is usually a lot more risk intensive than starting a blog and putting up some Google ad sense links. It’s being responsible for a weekly payroll, dealing with crap like benefits administration and renegotiating your leases, managing investor expectations while doing additional fundraising, and so on. 

It’s a lot of work, but in my opinion, it’s totally worth it—and I’m doing it again as soon as I decide what my next project is.  So my feeling is, if you’re a woman and unhappy that the tech scene looks the way it does, go start your own company. Put up or shut up. 

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