Both Jared and Christopher have a deep hatred for anybody who works at the Observer,” a former employee said. “The reason for that is, on Jared’s part, that he resents the Observer [staff] for not helping him make it a success … The Observer is something that he has been embroiled in a fight with, and how dare the Observer defy his attempts to make it successful. They’re like, ‘How the fuck are you people coming in here and not making this work?’ And they fail to see that the common thread is the two of them.

War for the Observer: Management Battles With Legacy

This whole thing is really sad-making.

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Aside from the fact that the piece is full of factual inaccuracies (I’d like to know who these staffers are who work on other Kushner projects, because they don’t work for me) and distortions, it seems as though this purported advertising trade mag has never been anywhere near an actual ad sales operation, where doing things like posting sales numbers publicly is pretty standard. But then again, they recently gave a megaphone to a certain washed-up columnist who now works for them because he doesn’t even have the courtesy to fail *upward*, so he could trash me anonymously as “an ex-colleague who worked with her at New York mag in 2003.”

(Technically he did, but spent so little time in the office—much less interacting with me—that he once had to ask me where the bathroom was, even though he’d been a contributor for years.)

It seems that being knowledgeable about advertising and sales is not a priority for them—which I would think would be a long-term problem for an advertising trade publication. I also wonder how long the reporter on the piece will allow himself to be used by a guy with a vendetta and a variety of conflicts (none disclosed, of course) who’s angry that he’s no longer relevant.

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