Publisher’s Lunch announces today news that’s been percolating for a bit: Kate Lee (my fantastic agent and one of my closest friends) is leaving ICM after almost 10 years. I’ll miss working with her, but I admire her for having the guts to leave a job where she’s already very well established and successful simply because she feels like she wants to try something else. Many people want to make serious career transitions and don’t do it because it’s risky, and it’s far safer to build on an existing track record.

Regardless of what she ends up choosing, I know she’ll be successful. That said, I know a lot of people who think they want to go do something entrepreneurial, and Kate’s one of the very few who I think would both enjoy it and be very, very good at it. But I’m biased; i think nearly everyone who’s in a position to try something entrepreneurial should, at least once during their career. The benefits go well beyond the obvious upside potential.

But I’m very excited to see what she does next.

Oh, and today’s her birthday. (Happy birthday, Kate!)

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