Addendum: How Not to Name-Drop

As an addendum, Observer-specific tips for interacting with the Observer:

- Do not tell me when pitching or lobbying for something, you’re “a good friend of Jared’s” if you only met him a few times at parties and had nice conversations about the weather. And especially do not tell me that if you’ve never even met him and he has no idea who you are. (You’d be surprised at how frequently this happens.) He has a specific circle of close friends, and it’s true that those people can probably get me on the phone faster than total strangers, but here’s the thing: I know who those people are already. And if I think someone may be in some sort of gray area, I ask. When people make false claims, it’s always good for a laugh on my end (especially when Jared’s response is, “What? Who?”) but it just makes me think you’re a jerk. And a liar.

- By the same token, do not tell one of my reporters that you’re “very good friends” with me, unless you actually are. Because the reporter will ask me. And then we both think you’re a jerk. And a liar.

Really, you’re just better off having an amazingly great story to pitch. In which case, no one here cares who you know or don’t.

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    After years of name-dropping, Spiers doesn’t want it done to her. What an incredible act of integrity. I suppose it was...
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    Who da fuck is Jared?
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    VERY Cool first-name basis with Jared. It’s like the NYC media version of Gwyneth Paltrow calling Jay-Z “Jay”.
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    I have read this whole exchange and can now honestly say I feel like a best friend to each of you. I look forward to...
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    It’s intentionally acidic because it’s shitty, needless behavior that should be addressed in a way that’s not...
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    I think you may have missed the point. Lying about who you know is annoying and being on the receiving end of this...
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