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This is actually a pretty good Nick Denton profile. I almost wonder if it’ll scoop the New Yorker one. (Requisite disclosure: I talked to the NYer reporter, who I like and know, but don’t know well. And I neglected to call Michael Idov back after we missed each other via phone.) The fact checker wanted to make sure I was “new to New York” when we started Gawker.

I had been here for three years. Which, depending on who you ask, is new or not. (I moved here in 1999 and Nick moved a couple years after—I think in ‘01. Gawker started in December of ‘02.)

I actually had to think about the extent of my New Yorker-ness at that point, and I’m on the fence: At three years in, you don’t know yet if you’re a lifer, but you know where the JMZ goes at three in the morning and which bodega makes your favorite egg sandwich. You’re not an insider, but you’re not an outsider either.

Now I’ve been here for eleven years and have spent more time as an adult here than anywhere else. I feel at home here and if I had to move it would have to be to somewhere similar—a non-car-town where everything is walkable or doable within public transport constraints; restaurants and bars don’t close at ten; you can always get a great coffee or espresso; most people read; and you can find great art nearby. Which leaves me with… Europe.

Which is not entirely unpalatable. But I do love New York. There’s really nowhere else like it in the U.S.

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    Related Question: Who didn’t talk to the New Yorker about Nick? Anyway, this is a nice profile. Nothing groundbreaking...
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